Frequently asked questions

What is VelvaLok and how does it work?

VelvaLok is a cutting edge, proprietary blend, that pulls all moisture from between the antler membrane and the actual antler. It literally "locks" the velvet on the antler preserving it for a lifetime. Furthermore, it removes all scent and repels all bugs during the process.

Can VelvaLok be used if the velvet is stripping off the antler?

Yes! VelvaLok will literally preserves the velvet as you see it. Is it stripping or peeling from the tips? Not a problem, VelvaLok will preserve it in the current state. Don't believe us, check out our Instagram, and success stories, to see this in action!

What is the shelf life of VelvaLok?

While we believe it is longer, we recommend that VelvaLok be replaced every 2 years to ensure that it retains its' potency and efficacy.

How do you apply VelvaLok?

It is as simple as using a spray bottle. Yes, seriously... if you can use a simple spray bottle you can use VelvaLok. Simply saturate the antler with VelvaLok, keep the antlers upright, and let them dry for 72 hours. If you have a super heavy buck or bull - or if he was taken in the early season - he may need a "touch up" application and an additional 12 hours to dry! Simple as 1, 2, 3!

Where can I buy Velvet Antler Technology Products?

Velvet Antler Technologies - or VAT - as wel like to call it can be purchased either online through our website, or in person in the Salt Lake City UT and Meridian ID area!

Do I need to remove the velvet antlers before applying VelvaLok?

Nope! In our videos on our Instagram page you can see us do it both ways. We do however recommend you remove the velvet antlers before boiling to ensure the velvet does not get damaged - or re-hydrated - during the process. Usually, Taxidermists will mark the back of the pedicle, cut them off, boil or beetle the skull, then reapply with pins or epoxy.

What if you spray it on your skin and you have a cut or open sore?

While that wouldn’t feel great, you have no risk of harmful chemicals entering your skin or wound. If this is a concern to you, we recommend you wear a simple pair of latex gloves. If you do get it on your skin, simply wash with a mild soap and water.

While Velvalok is non-toxic we, as a company, do recommend you wear proper PPE when applying for your safety as individuals have different tolerances for products.

Does VelvaLok work to continue to preserve velvet on a previously mounted buck or bull?

Once VelvaLok is dry it is 100% preserved. If you have a buck that was previously mounted, we recommend our other product VelvaKlean to keep your mounts velvet looking its best. Like VelvaLok, you spray on, let sit, and wipe off with a terry cloth towel. This stuff keeps your velvet looking amazing!

I have a set of velvet antlers that have been frozen for over a year. Will VelvaLok still work?

Yep, take them out of the freezer, let them completely thaw out, apply VelvaLok, let it dry and you are good to go - your trophies velvet is preserved for a lifetime!

How much is needed for your average size buck?

If applied correctly, a 12oz bottle of VelvaLok will do approximately 170" of antler. So, if you have a 400" + bull, we recommend you use 2.5 bottles to ensure coverage!

Is VelvaLok a one-time application?

VelvaLok was designed to be a one-time application - spray and forget. With that being said, if you have a super heavy buck or bull - or if it was taken early in the season - it cannot hurt to re-hit the tips after 48 hours and let sit for an extra 12 hours or so! The longer you let it sit, the harder it gets!

Is there an "ideal" temprature VelvaLok thrives in?

Yes - this product was designed to be used in warmer months when velvet is naturally occurring. Working with Taxidermists and Hunters in the field, we have seen the best results when the product is used in temperatures exceeding 65 °F or 18.3 °C. While it goes against everything we know about velvet, once VelvaLok is on, it preserves and dries quicker in warmer drier climates. Please note, VelvaLok will still work when applied and used in colder temperatures, but you will see increased dry time and efficacy.